The scariest horror movies

The scariest horror movies

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There is such a genre in art cinema - horror film. It is believed that the first horror films appeared at the end of the 19th century.

There are also subgenres of their own. These films are rightfully considered the most terrifying.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This film was directed in 1974 by Tobe Hooper. The tape tells about young people who became victims of a whole family of crazy maniacs. They took turns killing their victims, and only the girl Sally, the main character, was able to escape. She miraculously managed to escape from the main villain, who brandished the chainsaw. It was this weapon that became the main symbol of the film. The director himself came up with the idea for the film when he saw a chainsaw in a store. And the prototype of the cannibal family was the then famous criminal Ed Gein. There was a lot of blood in the film, but not all of it was tomato paste. The actors themselves received several injuries during filming. Despite the bans, the film made a good profit. At the box office, he grossed $ 30 million. And in 2003, a remake of that picture was even shot, which was also a success.

Omen. This film became the first part of a trilogy about the coming of the Antichrist to Earth. The music that won the Oscar caught up with a lot of fear in the audience. The film was released in 1976, directed by Richard Donner. It tells about a diplomat whose son has died. The man adopted a child who was left an orphan and was the same age as the deceased. But when the boy was 4 years old, something terrible began to happen in the family. The teacher is hanged, and the other is against the child's visit to the church. The boy is shunned by animals, and the mad priest convinces the diplomat that the Antichrist has possessed his son. The film was so scary that at its premiere, several viewers had a heart attack. The tape budget was 2.8 million, another 6 million was spent on advertising. At the same time, Omen grossed over $ 60 million at the box office. And in this case, a remake was filmed, it was released in 2006.

Call. The film was directed by Gore Verbinski in 2002. But few people know that the tape has become a remake of the Japanese "Ring", they say, even more terrible. With a budget of 48 million worldwide, this horror movie grossed $ 250 million. The original cost 40 times less. A female journalist investigates the mysterious deaths of teenagers. The heroine learns that they all died after watching a terrible video and a subsequent phone call predicting a quick death. The girl watched the ill-fated film with her son and now she has only a week to find out the truth. In the first week of showing in American cinemas, each viewer was put in his place with a cassette tape with that very terrible recording. The tapes were then scattered around the streets of Los Angeles to promote the film. In 2005, "Call-2" was released, and in 2012 the third part of the scary story is expected.

A Nightmare on Elm Street. This horror movie turned into a whole series. In total, 9 films with this name were shot. The first of them came out in 1984. It is believed that this horror movie was able to save New Line Cinema from bankruptcy. The story tells about teenagers living on Elm Street in a small town. They all face the same nightmare in their dreams. A man in a red and green striped sweater with a disfigured face and blades on his fingers is trying to kill them. Those killed in a dream also die in reality. This $ 1.8 million film grossed $ 25 million in America alone. The tape lit the stars of Johnny Depp and Robert Englund. And the name of Freddy Krueger has become a household name in the field of horror. Comics, books, video games were also published on the basis of the film, and a huge number of parodies were made. Falling asleep after watching such a picture was quite difficult. What if Freddie comes to you too?

Blair Witch This film turned out to be rather unusual. His budget was only 20 thousand dollars, and he collected 250 million at the box office. The picture was filmed by representatives of independent cinema. The movie was filmed with amateur cameras, while the viewers felt that these were real events. Advertising also spoke about this. Students began to shoot their film, who decided to create a real movie about a local witch in the forest. However, soon the young people got lost. For several nights in a row, strange sounds were heard around them - crying, footsteps. Mystical symbols of stones and branches were found in the forest. At the end of the film, the guys ended up in an abandoned house, where someone grabs them. The camera falls to the floor. The film was filmed for only 8 days, while for the real fatigue and irritability of the actors, they were given less and less food. The Blair Witch spawned a new genre of horror - the mock-documentary. For credibility, the filmmakers even came up with their own legend about a witch who lived in the forest near the village of Blair.

Paranormal Activity. This picture was also shot in the genre of pseudo-documentary. Her budget has become even smaller - only 15 thousand dollars, and she raised almost 200 million. Filming lasted only 10 days. The film was released in 2007, only 2 years later it was admitted to the national distribution. The story tells of a young couple who moved to a new home. They hear strange sounds at night. To find out the truth, the husband bought a video camera, which is used to film what is happening in the bedroom at night. Every night something happens in the house. An unknown force leaves traces, breaks glass, drags a woman by the leg, pulls off the blanket. The situation is constantly escalating, people are waiting for the whole film that something is about to happen. Three endings were removed from the tape. One was shown in cinemas, the other - the original, available on the Internet, and the third, alternative, the creators placed on DVD. But everywhere people are demonic power conquers people, which is impartial and shows the camera.

Astral. This picture is the freshest on our list. She was shown in 2011. With a budget of 1.5 million, he has already managed to raise nearly $ 100 million worldwide. The tape tells the story of a family couple who, together with their children, move to a new home. However, not yet had time to unpack all the things, as strange things begin to happen around. Objects move to other locations, strange sounds are heard. In addition, the couple's ten-year-old son fell into a coma. A few months later, the doctors threw up their hands and returned him home. Mysterious phenomena continue around. As a result, it turns out that the boy in this state is directly connected with the paranormal world. Dalton is not at all in a coma, he went into the astral plane, which he knew how to do before. The father has to go to the other world to get his son out of there. However, demons have long been hunting this family ...

Alien. This horror movie has a sci-fi basis. It was filmed by the then little-known director Ridley Scott. The 1979 tape tells about a dangerous and aggressive alien creature, Alien. He gradually hunts down and kills the entire crew of the ship. The main role, Officer Ripley, was played by Sigourney Weaver. Her character was the only one who survived. She herself, it seemed, destroyed the Alien. The film, with a budget of 11 million, grossed 10 times that amount. For visual effects and scenery "Alien" received 2 Oscars. They worked well on the appearance of a terrible monster - its skull was created on the basis of a real human, the remains of fish and mollusks were used to create the insides. And in the face of the beholder, the remains of cows from the slaughterhouse jumped out of the eggs. The spectators were afraid of a terrible, dangerous monster that tears people apart. On the basis of the film, 3 more sequels were filmed, each of which starred Weaver.

The exorcist of the devil. This film was repeatedly recognized as the most terrible, having won many prizes in this nomination. It was released in 1973, but the tape is still relevant today. The main thing in the film is not special effects, murders or blood flows. Here the very atmosphere of what is happening is frightening. Unsurprisingly, with a budget of 12 million, the film grossed a whopping 440 million at the box office. At the same time, "The Exorcist" received two more Oscars, although he was nominated for 10 awards at once. The film tells about unusual phenomena that happen to several people at once. It seems that they are being possessed by some evil spirit. Only a priest can drive out the devil, which he succeeds, though at the cost of his own life. Interestingly, the Reverend John Nicola acted as a technical consultant, who created a monograph on this very topic.

Radiance. This horror film was directed by Stanley Kubrick and based on the book by Stephen King in 1980. These names alone guarantee a high-quality and deep film. Although the film received many negative reviews in the first months of the screening, today "The Shining" is present in all ratings of scary films. Jack Nicholson starred. His hero hires as a watchman in an empty hotel, although he is a writer by profession. In an empty house, residents constantly see ghosts, this ultimately drives the writer crazy. He begins to try to kill his wife and son, but they eventually manage to escape. The very same character Nicholson dies of cold, lost in the labyrinth of the garden. The film's budget was $ 19 million, and fees - 44 million. Nicholson himself was not immediately approved for the role. The director wanted the viewer to see the writer gradually go crazy. And Jack looks a little crazy from the start.

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