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Meaning of the name

Old Church Slavonic means "light", "pure".


Little Svetochka is full of contradictions, it seems to others that she is too capricious, in fact, the baby often herself does not know what she wants. She moves with amazing ease from one mood to another, on her face, like in a magic lantern, a whole gamut of emotions and experiences is reflected.

At school he studies averagely, with pleasure he performs various public assignments. She is not always able to adequately assess her capabilities and abilities, sometimes she thinks that teachers underestimate the mark for knowledge that is brilliant, in her opinion.

In the class, she was also an activist, if she fails to take the position of an informal leader, she strives to be the headman or at least the deputy head of the class. She is neat, monitors her appearance, following fashion, sometimes she is not able to maintain a sense of proportion, choose clothes that do not suit her at all.

Adult Svetlana is kind and disinterested, completely devoid of insolence, overly trusting. She is active, making every effort to achieve what she wants. If her life is not quite successful, Svetlana is able to critically rethink her life, becomes more sociable and compliant.

Svetlana is hardworking, adapts well to the changing circumstances of life, and is independent and the smith of her own happiness. Most often, he chooses a job in education, trade, finance.

Svetlana has a lot of friends, she easily converges with men, since she often simply does not find a common language with women. She marries only after being convinced that the chosen one is worthy of her and his true feeling. She is smart and diplomatic, gets along well with her mother-in-law, adores children, manifests herself as a wonderful housewife.


For men, Svetlana is extremely attractive, even if she does not stand out from other women. Svetlana herself is afraid of serious affections, since love failures can cause her depression.

She tries not to show her feelings until she is sure that the man will reciprocate her. In this case, she is able to surrender to her partner without setting any conditions, and Svetlana, born in winter, will not even accept a man's courtship for a long time, she herself can offer a closer acquaintance, since she is impatient to learn the sexual capabilities of the chosen one.

Sex for Svetlana is a source of joy, pleasure, peace of mind, a sense of the fullness of life. The external merits of a partner do not matter to her, she evaluates him according to other criteria, and first of all it is passion, the ability to give a woman pleasure, sexual experience.

Svetlana is not afraid of public opinion, and gossip only fills her with pride and vanity. She loves men, although she treats them with some degree of mistrust, painfully experiences any problems in the sexual sphere (especially those born in summer).



A rock


Zodiac sign

Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Svetlana gives the impression of something good, beautiful, bright, joyful.

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