The most unusual money

The most unusual money

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Many argue that money has become one of the most important inventions of mankind. Nevertheless, even today, very strange money is in the circulation of some countries of the world.

Vietnamese Green stamps. This currency ranks tenth in our ranking. Surprisingly, the residents of Vietnam themselves will not be able to pay for any goods with such money. For these stamps you can buy only some very specific things. The thing is that each banknote has tear-off coupons on the edge. Each of them can be exchanged for the thing that is indicated on the money. For example, a Green Mark can be issued for the purchase of clothing. At the same time, tear-off coupons make it possible to purchase only pants, coats, socks and other similar things. At the same time, coupons of a certain denomination are allocated for each item.

Sentinniali. It was the world's only wooden money. At one time they were in circulation in the city of Moose Joe, which is located in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The fact is that after the First World War, Germany tried with all its might to raise its Reichsbank, which had collapsed due to inflation. After all, it was necessary to pay compensation to all the affected countries. In those days, the Germans printed money on everything that was only suitable for this purpose. But it was wood that became the most unusual material. Such money was processed by Canadians for their own needs, their designations were applied to their surface.

Lewis pound. This money was named after the English town of the same name. At one time, the mayor there was a cunning entrepreneur Michael Chartier. He figured out how best to develop the small traditional shops of his town. For this, the mayor introduced his own currency in his possessions, which he called - the Lewis pound. With this money, the townspeople could pay for any goods within the Lewis line, as well as pay bills. This example was followed a year later by the city of Brixton in South London. The local Brixton pound would be issued there.

Disney dollar. Disney created a whole fabulous world. What is a world without its own currency? The Disney dollar is equal at par to the US dollar. Banknotes are issued in denominations of 1, 5, 10 and 50 units. But they can only be used in Disney theme parks, resorts, cruise ships, and on Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. This currency was created in 1987. Instead of traditional American presidents, the banknotes depict cartoon characters - Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Mini.

Chilean peso. Who can call this currency strange today? To understand this, we need to go back to 2008, not far from us. Then everything will become clear, and the currency will really seem unusual and funny. After all, then, when minting coins on the engraving, an unfortunate mistake was made. As a result, there were about 50 million coins in denominations of 50 pesos with the inscription "Republica de Chiie". The head of the mint was appointed, and the coins themselves became the object of the hunt of numismatists. They are asking for a double denomination today.

Recycled money of the Caribbean countries. The term recycled does not mean that this money was made from recycled materials or old paper. The secret is to be found in the middle of the 19th century. At that time, the Caribbean Islands did not have their own currency. So it was decided to melt foreign coins, and from the resulting metal to mint their own money. This is where the name for recycled money comes from. The most unusual of them were in circulation in the Dominican Republic. There, in the center of each coin, there was a hole in the firm of the heart.

Cosmic Pound Sterling. It is curious that this currency has never circulated on Earth, although it already exists. This money is just waiting for the development of technologies in order to become common and common for all over time. Interestingly, the currency is designed for large congestions that will occur during interstellar travel. These coins are devoid of sharp corners, and the material from which they are created is absolutely safe for the human body. The space pound was not created by enthusiasts, but by scientists from the National Space Center and the University of Leicester. This money will have to replace electronic money transfers, which will no longer be relevant in space.

Squirrel carcasses. This currency is surprising in that it saved many inhabitants of medieval Russia from the plague. In those days, in our country, the main calculations were carried out precisely with parts of the bodies of squirrels. The skin itself was valued most of all; the muzzles, claws and ears of these animals were also used as trifles. In Europe, there was a wave of the Black Death epidemic, which decimated a significant part of the population. Parasites were often carried on paper and iron money. In Russia, there was no such problem, since the carriers of the infection on squirrel carcasses did not live for a long time.

Palau silver dollar. In 2007, these islands, which are also one of the smallest countries in the world, issued their own currency. It turned out to be rather unusual. It was a silver dollar that featured the Virgin Mary. But there was also a small reservoir attached to the coin. It contained holy water from a grotto in French Lourdes. A year later, a second series of coins appeared, which was timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the appearance of the Virgin Mary in that grotto.

Rai Stones. This money can be considered the strangest, and they are not going to give this title. And it’s hard to do it, because even moving the heavy stones of Paradise is not easy. It is surprising that in our age of space and electronic technologies, someone continues to use old money. The inhabitants of the island of Yap, which is part of the Solomon Islands, began to use them at the very dawn of commodity-money relations. Huge stone discs with a hole inside them became their currency. The larger the size of the circles, the more valuable they are. The price of the currency is also determined by the number of people who died during the transportation of such a "coin" to the island. Indeed, on the island of Yap there are simply no such stones. So the natives are forced to swim in their canoes to the neighboring island of Palau, where there is a lot of such money. Then the heavy discs are brought home with great difficulty. The inhabitants of the island of Palau look at these attempts ironically. In their hearts they are happy that such currency already exists on the island, and there is no need to go somewhere for it. The good news is that there is no capitalism on these islands. There is simply no inflation in the country. Therefore, there is no need to bring home more and more Rai stones from year to year.

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