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Meaning of the name

Terenty translated from Byzantine means "refined".


Terenty in childhood is a cheerful, kind boy. He is a born leader and peacemaker.

With age, Terenty's sense of justice intensifies. Terenty has been fighting for the truth all his life. However, he himself is not always selfless. He tries not to argue with the mighty of this world, so as not to lose valuable protection.

Terenty is cautious and insincere with unfamiliar people. Only in the company of friends and family can you see the real Terenty - honest and decent.

Terenty, to achieve the desired goal, is able to "bend", trying "not to hurt anyone." Terenty can work as a lawyer, politician, economist.

Terenty often becomes a middle manager. The subordinate works well under his supervision. Terenty, without any special losses, is able to get them anything they want, be it new office furniture or a ticket to a prestigious sanatorium.


Terenty is an ardent and passionate lover. However, he is very careful in choosing a partner. First, he looks at her for a long time, makes inquiries. Then he looks after for a while.

For Terenty, the main thing in sex is mutual satisfaction. He is caring, gentle, affectionate. His wife is happy with him. Terenty never cheats on his wife. For him, family values ​​are above all.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo.


The sound of the name Terenty gives the impression of something small, rough.

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