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Meaning of the name

Timur in translation from Mongolian means "iron".


As a child, Timur is the joy of parents and teachers, has excellent health, goes in for sports, studies well, writes poetry, plays chess. Timur has a well-developed imagination and a good memory. Timur inherits character, kindness, tenderness from his mother, looks like his father.

Timur loves children, nature. He will make a talented chess player, swimmer, football player. With age, Timur becomes a little more pragmatic, but in general, his character does not change.

Timur, born in winter, is reasonable, persistent, and calculating. Likes to read books, is fond of tourism. Timur is experiencing failure hard.

Timur, born in spring, is sensitive, indecisive, withdrawn.

Timur, born in summer, is stubborn, cautious and touchy. In life, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. They look for a spouse for a long time, but they always make the right choice, and they get married after thirty.

Timur, regardless of the date of birth, has very good qualities - kindness and tolerance. Timur can work as a designer, doctor, director, military man, programmer, driver.


Timur is a gentle, affectionate lover. Timur is respectful of women, has an excellent sense of humor, and is an interesting conversationalist. His rich charisma attracts women.

Sex for Timur is part of a love relationship; sex without love is not acceptable for him. Timur is sexy, but the technical side of the issue does not interest him, he relies on his intuition, subtly feels the wishes of his beloved, always tries to fulfill them.

Women with him feel good in bed, as well as warm and comfortable in life. Timur knows how to compliment and take care. Timur is delicate and helpful.


The black.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Pisces, Sagittarius, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Timur gives the impression of something quiet.

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