The most unusual winter sports

The most unusual winter sports

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How are unusual sports born? Probably, they come up with boredom. So, the creators of snowkiting in winter clearly lacked their favorite summer entertainment - kitesurfing. And so a new hobby was born.

It happens that the most common entertainment in one area turns into sport. It's just that nature and climate have contributed so much to the emergence of a new occupation here.

In the far north, people are forced to ride dogs, but in Europe there is little sense in this. And dog sledding has turned into another unusual winter sport here.

A similar situation has developed with sailing sledges - gullies. 200-300 years ago in Eastern and Northern Europe, people often moved like this. For example, in Holland, people changed from ordinary boats to sailing boats when frost fell. Those were the best suited for moving through the frozen canals. The gullies still exist today.

However, they turned into a sports equipment, having practically lost their transport functions. There are quite a few known winter sports, but there are many more unusual, less known to the general public. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Aiskarting, Lapland, Kuusamo. Karting has long ceased to be just fun and turned into miniature racing. However, this sport is much safer, the risk of injury is the same as on a bicycle. Aiscarting has incorporated all the best features of its summer brother. For racing, it is enough to put on a protective helmet on your head, and check the strength of the ice. Therefore, ice karting is available even for teenagers. The only condition here is the growth of the rider. It must be taller than 140 centimeters. The only difference from traditional karting in its winter counterpart is that the icecard is adapted for driving on ice. And there, and there you can make turns both alone and in the company of irreconcilable rivals. But for ice-carting it is not difficult to create an autodrome - any large frozen body of water will do. After that, is it any wonder then that in winter in Finland, racing on ice-kart becomes a popular sport? After all, this country has many lakes suitable for such races.

Winter equestrian polo, Switzerland, St. Moritz. Even quite large competitions are held in this sport. Winter polo can be seen in Aspen, Megeve, Cortina D'Ampezzo in Kitzbühel. Since 2004, such competitions have been held in Moscow. The most important tournament is called the Cartier Polo World Cup. It is held annually in Switzerland, on the ice of Lake St. Moritz. And the idea to hold such games on ice came from the founder of the Swiss polo association Reto Gaudenzi. The rules in this sport are no different from the summer version. But the ball here is decorated much brighter, and its size is larger. There are many summer polo grounds in Europe, but much less for this kind of winter fun. And in Russia there are excellent climatic conditions for the creation of such sites. It is no coincidence that the prospects for the development of the winter floor in our country are seriously interested in the International Federation of Modern Pentathlon, the head of which is Prince Albert of Monaco, a big fan of polo.

Snowkiting, Russia, Togliatti. This sport is a winter kind of kitesurfing. The main element here is the kite, or kite. He acts as a tractor. A man is rolling either on skis or on a snowboard. For the first time, the idea to ride in the snow with the help of a kite came to the mind of the German paraglider Dieter Strazilla. The popularization of kitesurfing in Russia is rather slow, but snowcating is developing much more actively. Every February in Togliatti, an international competition called "Zhigulevskoe Sea" is held. Similar competitions are held in the Samara region, near Nizhny Novgorod. In the Murmansk region, in the Caucasus and on the Lago-Naki plateau, they also compete in freestyle.

Brumbol, Russia, Moscow. This game is a kind of hockey. Looks like this kind of sport is pretty awkward. The rules of the game here are almost the same as in hockey, the same equipment is used. After all, broomball is also a contact sport, in which you cannot do without a helmet and protective elements. The only difference is the inventory. He is quite unusual in broomball. Players fight on ice not on skates, but in special shoes. In this case, the ball is driven not with clubs, but with brooms. This sport was invented by Canadians a hundred years ago. Today the game is distributed in Australia, Japan and the USA, as well as other European countries. And in Canada itself there is even a World Championship in this unusual sport. In this country they even want to make sports as popular as possible and include them in the Olympics program. In Russia, broomball is popular primarily with foreigners, mostly embassy employees play it. As a result, there are no players in the domestic league at all. Nevertheless, it is worth hoping that watching fashionable fun will prompt some of the Russians to think about creating their own team.

Dog sledding, Russia, Kamchatka. This sport looks pretty romantic. After all, dog sledding directly evokes associations with the gold rush, the novels of Jack London and the brave explorers of new lands. Today there is an opportunity to join the experience of the participants of the first expeditions to the snowy distances. To do this, you can embark on a multi-day hike in Alaska. And you can just ride a dog sled here. After all, there are quite a few places in Russia that are best suited for this. These are Chukotka and Taimyr, Baikal and Kamchatka, the Murmansk region. There are nurseries for these purposes in the Moscow region. The best sled dog breeds are bred there. Such nurseries can also offer this entertainment. Huskies are considered real sled breeds of dogs, and their closest relatives - thick-haired huskies, Samoyeds and Malamutes - are also quite hardy. And where there is speed and racing, there are sports competitions. Whose sled will reach the finish line faster?

Ice diving, Russia, Baikal. It is not easy to do this kind of sport. This requires quality diving training and special equipment. The swimmer will not see all the bright beauty of the South Sea underwater. Northern ice divers experience other natural wonders. Indeed, from under the water, the ice looks like an endless monolith polished to a mirror state. His other condition is stucco molding with many hummocks. And you can also see ice labyrinths with many passages and caves. It would be a mistake to think that there is nothing but ice in the under-ice world. Of course, there are plants, fish, and wildlife here. In addition, some mammals feel good in icy water. Lake Baikal is considered one of the best places for underwater diving. There is a high probability of encountering a seal underwater. The giant lake itself never completely freezes over. Thus, ice never binds the source of the Angara. The thickest layer of ice on Lake Baikal in March is from 80 to 120 centimeters. And in January the ice is only 10-20 centimeters. Clean water in Lake Baikal makes ice and extremely transparent. So, from a depth of 40 meters from below you can see people standing on the ice, unless it is covered with snow.

Skijoring, USA, New Hampshire. This fun will appeal to real reckless drivers. Only here, instead of water, there are snow-covered fields. And it is not a speedboat that pulls a person forward, but an ordinary horse. It is controlled by a rider, but this sport also involves a more risky option - the skier himself controls the horse. In the north, another type of skijoring is also popular. The skier is carried forward by the dog. There are also variants when a deer acts as a riding animal. But even riding with a snowmobile or an SUV in tow has every reason to be considered skijoring. After all, the main rule is observed - skiing. In Russia, this tweed is most often associated with dogs. But in America they prefer to ride horses. In the United States, there is even the National Skijoring Association, which holds annual competitions. There are many horse farms in the country, where they can teach you how to ski better, if you also need to manage a horse in time.

Ski bike. The ski / bike hybrid became popular after World War II. After all, many skiers returned wounded, and the first cycle skis helped them to continue doing what they loved. The unusual design consists of a frame, a handlebar and a saddle, and it was invented in America. But the real popularity of this sport came in European mountain resorts. The modern type of cycling was invented by the Canadian company Ktrak Cycle. She offered a kit that fits easily on almost any modern bike. Instead of the rear wheel, a wheel is installed, which is a main rim and several auxiliary tension rollers on which a caterpillar is mounted. And instead of the front wheel of the bicycle, if desired, a ski is installed. The rear-wheel drive track is made from reinforced polyurethane, the frame is made from durable aircraft-grade aluminum, and the main wheel is made from reinforced nylon. Particular attention has been paid to a comfortable ride and reliability. For this, a unique shock absorber was developed - an oil shock absorber with a gas pressure. Most importantly, when the system is installed, the weight of the bike remains virtually unchanged. The manufacturer claims that this design allows you not only to travel through snowdrifts, but also to climb hills, if the basis of cycling is a mountain bike.

Sailing sleigh, Poland. In another way, sailing sleds are called boers. In English, there is a special term for such a device - ice boat. The construction is based on the sail. It is attached to a body to which three short steel skates are attached. The rear of them serves as a helm steering wheel. A sailing sled can travel on ice at high speed. Moreover, it directly depends on the ice surface and wind strength. The stronger his impulses, the faster the sled moves. In some countries, there is real freedom to ride such vehicles. For example, in the north-east of Poland there are about 2000 lakes, there are hundreds of rivers and a channel. In addition, in Masuria and Pomerania for tourists there are not only reservoirs, but also quite a few pensions and hotels. Rest here is connected not only with sailing sledges. This country has excellent opportunities to spend time in underwater fishing.

Ice climbing, Ukraine, Kamenets-Podolsk. People love extreme sports, in particular, climbing steep slopes. Ice climb is a kind of sport in which a person deals with ice and not with a rock. Doing this will require constant concentration of attention from the daredevil. After all, ordinary rock climbing requires this, and in the case of ice climbing, these skills should be even better. Even the most massive ice piles only seem to be strong. Years is a rather fragile material. And even the largest icicle can crack easily and unexpectedly. Ice climbers spend their time climbing the same peaks as rock climbers in summer. But ice climbers also have their own unique obstacle - a frozen waterfall. In Russia, the main places for athletes, fans of ice climb, are located in the Caucasus. There are quite a lot of already developed ice areas in the Crimea. But even the absence of icy rocks and frozen waterfalls cannot stop enthusiasts. They conduct their training on artificial ice structures.

Swimming of polar bears, Korea, Busan. Swimming itself is a fairly common activity. Many people swim in winter too. But in Korean Busan this sport has given its own charm. In search of thrills, Asians jump into the icy waters of the Korean Gulf. At the same time, only swimming trunks and swimwear are worn on the tries. This competition has been held at Houndai Beach since 1988. This is how Koreans celebrate the New Year, making a claim for good health. The distance involves a ten-meter run on the sand, and then an 80-meter swim in invigorating water. Although the event is technically just a competition, there are many tourists among the participants. Swimmers imagine themselves as polar bears. An event in Busan is not only an unusual winter sport, but also a great way to cheer yourself up. Today, over 1000 athletes participate in the swim.

Snow tubing, Canada, Ontario. Fans of unusual sports gather in the Rock Ridge Culture and Recreation Park in this province. Tubing will appeal to those who do not like skiing or snowboarding, but love snow. This species has an undeniable plus - cheapness. Besides, it is simple, and it brings a lot of fun. Rock Ridge has six pipes that lead down the slope. At the same time, athletes go down here not alone, but in a whole crowd - with friends or family. Traditionally, the peak of tubing competitions falls on the Christmas holidays.

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