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Meaning of the name

Vadim in translation from Old Russian means "disputant", "troublemaker".


As a child, Vadim is very restless. He is constantly on the move, loves to run and play, while giving vent to his emotions. Adults constantly have to ask him to be quiet. At the heart of this restless behavior is a tremendous inner energy that needs to be released.

Vadim tries to react to the comments of his parents in the right way, since the relationship with his mother and father means a lot to Vadim. He loves his parents and does not want to upset them. Vadim does well at school, although there may be complaints about his restlessness.

Vadim can be a good leader. He understands people well, takes care of them, keeps his promises. Very hardworking and. purposeful. Having taken up some business, he always brings it to the end. Vadim is calculating and has a lot of cunning. Does not commit ill-considered acts and does not say anything superfluous.

Vadim is able to establish contact with the right people and get the necessary cooperation from them. For Vadim, relationships with business partners sometimes turn into a competition, in which he tries to be sure to win.

Vadim is an easily addicted person. He can easily become addicted to cards, other gambling. He has a penchant for risk taking. At the festive table, Vadim's main principle is "to walk, walk like that", which sometimes leads to unpleasant consequences.

Vadims are not immediately determined in the choice of specialty, friends, wife. Some Vadims are softer by nature, sometimes even a little lazy.

Vadim's relationship with women is not easy. Meeting for a long time with one girl and even thinking about marrying her, he suddenly gets carried away by another.

But if Vadim falls in love for real, then this is serious and for a long time. And their jealousy is just as passionate. For Vadim, a wife is more than a wife, she is his second "I." Vadim's wives are usually happy with their lot.


Vadim wants his woman to have all the qualities attractive to him at once; was pretty, had a slim figure and had a sexual experience. He is aimed at sensual pleasure, trying to give the partner the opportunity to fully open up. Vadim is inventive in sex, loves to change positions and bring a woman to ecstasy.

His sexual capabilities are quite large, but his partner is struck first of all by the tenderness that you rarely meet. Vadim has a strong temperament, he is capable of the most unexpected actions; they are an excellent partner who never allows themselves to relax.

The greatest value for him is personal freedom, while for Vadim sex is a kind of sport. The process of the game itself is interesting for him, not the victory. His partner thinks that losing to him is the same as winning. Vadim always finds an opportunity to achieve a goal in a relationship with a woman and, as a rule, succeeds.

Vadim is able to listen to his partner's erotic experiences and fully reveal the passion of his nature. The caress of a woman gives him the greatest pleasure, but his complete sexual satisfaction depends to a large extent on the feelings that his partner is able to evoke in him.

Vadim is able to achieve the greatest sexual harmony if his partner is a "winter" woman, but only an intimate relationship with her can be successful; in family life, they are in for complete discord.

Vadim has a high sexual potential. He begins to engage in sex late enough for a young man, but quickly makes up for lost time. He is scrupulous, cannot go to bed with the first woman he likes, he must have deep feelings for her.

For full sex, there must be appropriate conditions, he carefully prepares the apartment for this. Loves a calm, cozy atmosphere, dim light, champagne.

Vadim is unbalanced, quick-tempered; sexual, has a promiscuous sex life. Often gets carried away, changes partners, hardly chooses one. Marries late and reluctantly. He believes that marriage will take away his personal freedom, and in every possible way opposes this.

The first marriage is most often unsuccessful, then he does not marry for a long time or does not marry at all, preferring to live with a partner in a civil marriage until one of them gets tired of this situation, then finds another woman. Girls are born.



A rock

Lapis lazuli.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Vadim gives the impression of something kind, majestic, powerful, joyful.

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