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Meaning of the name

Vincent translated from Gaulish means "prosperous".


As a child, Vincent was modest, calm, somewhat shy, but too persistent and meticulous. At school, Vikentiy studies well, mainly in order to get an education for his future career.

Having set a goal for himself, he will slowly but surely move towards achieving it. Vincent himself is not chatty and does not favor people who like to talk.

Marries early, usually following a planned life plan. Marries a girl who meets his basic requirements for what a "real wife" should be.

Vincent's love is an almost complete absence of feelings and passions, only dogmas and rules. Vincent loves not a woman, but his love for her.

Vincent is a faithful husband and a good father, he will never leave the family in which his children were born, even if a common language has been lost with his wife.

Vincent is a brave and very mobile person, he is a very solid and consistent person. Vincent is predictable, but very reliable, he knows his own worth.


Vincent almost never has so-called male problems. Its potential is great, but the chances of using it are very small. Vincent is very careful in choosing a partner.

Women for him are exclusively an object of marriage, from which he must choose the best, so he is not able to appreciate their individuality. Very few agree to put up with such an attitude for a long time, and Vincent has to look for a new partner.

He unshakably believes that he has the right to get what he wants, if life does not present it to him, he does not fall into a state of despair, but after a little delay, begins the search again.

In his mind, the procedure for natural selection should be as simplified as possible. Vincent does not back down from his choice, nothing can stop him.

Vincent is a devoted lover, he is pleased to provide materially for his chosen ones, to surround them with luxury.

Born in winter, prefers women who will not be sexually dominant.

Vincent, born in summer, prefers more initiative and affectionate, but unobtrusive partners, they enjoy erotic games, but they do not like to talk about sex.

Having married, Vincent strives for complete harmony with his wife, he never has mistresses. For Vincent, adultery is a taboo.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Taurus, Aries, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Vincent gives the impression of something safe, gentle, kind, feminine, slow.

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