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Meaning of the name

Violetta translated from Latin means "violet".


Violetta is a brave and courageous woman, these traits are already noticeable in little Violetta. She is restless, stubborn and determined. If he offends someone, he will never ask for forgiveness, even if he understands that he is wrong. She becomes independent early.

The adult Violetta is emotional, but just as stubborn and determined as in childhood. Likes to sleep longer in the morning, she is an "owl".

Violetta is diligent, but she does well only what she has a soul for. She has excellent taste, she is always dressed out of the box, she often comes up with the styles of her toilets.

Outwardly, very attractive women, husbands are jealous of them, not without reason. They are amorous, "summer" Violetta are married twice. They are very sociable, love noisy society and are always aware of the affairs of their many friends, relatives and friends.

Violetta prefer to live apart from their parents, and even more so from her mother-in-law, with whom they are not very friendly.

Violetta is very charming, emotional, determined, but stubborn. If he offends someone, he will never ask for forgiveness, even if he understands that he is not right.

Violetta is in love, and her husband may have serious reasons to be jealous of her. She is very sociable, loves to have fun in good company and is always aware of the affairs of all her many friends, fans, relatives and friends.

Among women with this name there are architects, music and foreign language teachers, engineers, sports coaches. These are strong personalities, leaders, but in life they are often unlucky.

They love to surround themselves with people. At the slightest criticism, they get lost, feel anxiety, all the time thinking about whether they did good or bad, love them or not!

Starting a business, they never finish it. Care must be taken to ensure that coquetry does not become the only thing these girls do in school. Violetta often changes her place of work.

They have an analytical mind and excellent memory, but are not inquisitive. I have a very high opinion of myself.

Communication is an urgent need for them. Violetta is very sincere. A chance meeting often ends in marriage.

Do not be too deceived by their imaginary calmness and unhurriedness, as any surprise can be expected from such women.

They are prone to diseases of the lungs and bronchi. They are strictly prohibited from smoking!


Their peace of mind is easily disturbed. These women simply die without love, which sometimes ends in a mental disorder: they do not know how to distinguish between feelings of sympathy and sexual attraction. Very impressionable, extremely difficult to experience betrayal.

Their free behavior suggests that there are no moral norms for them, but in fact this is not at all the case.

It is impossible to recognize their desire: either it is, or it is not. Parents are obliged to explain to these girls how far one can go in such a game.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces.


The sound of the name Violetta gives the impression of something light, gentle.

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