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Egypt is located in North Africa, and occupies an area with a total area of ​​1002 thousand square meters. km. This state is the junction point of three large continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. From the north, the country is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, and from the east by the Red Sea. In addition, Egypt is divided into two parts by the Suez Canal. And most of the territory is occupied by deserts and small mountainous elevations.

The population is about 54 million people, most of whom are Arabs (Muslims). The official language is Arabic, the monetary unit is the Egyptian pound, and the capital is the city of Cairo.
This state is called the cradle of civilization, and it is the largest tourist center. A huge number of architectural monuments are collected there, and until now archaeologists and scientists are trying to unravel the secrets of the pharaohs.

And, of course, due to the fact that Egypt attracts the attention of one and all, there are some statements in society about this country, most of which are not entirely true. Let's try to figure out how things really are.

Egyptians tend to "breed" tourists. It's probably in their blood. You can meet such a "scam", for example, by taking a taxi. Sometimes taxi drivers will first take them to the wrong place, arguing that you yourself did not really say where to go. If you insist on your innocence, then he will have no choice but to get the previously agreed amount from you, but nothing more. Or the cases with free gifts are very common: locals come up to you, hold out some trinket, accompanying it with the word "gift". But as soon as you take this offering in your hand, they will start asking you for baksheesh (tip) and will not leave you until you satisfy their request.

It is customary to bargain at Egyptian bazaars. Moreover, the more confidently you insist on your price, the more respect you will earn from local residents.

In this country, Russian tourists are always accommodated in bad rooms. In some hotels, this can happen, but not because Russians are not liked. It's all about Western travel agencies that buy a large number of prestigious rooms.

In hotels in Egypt, you can often find huge cockroaches. In fact, it is very rare. The only place where they can be is in the huts of local residents, but not in hotels.

In the bazaars of Egypt, champagne can be exchanged for souvenirs. Complete nonsense. Nobody exchanges their goods in exchange for alcohol.

In Egypt, sandy winds constantly blow. As a rule, the winds there are not noticeable to many, since the deserts near cities such as Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh are not sandy, but rocky.

Egyptian women wear hijab only to protect their faces from the sun and dust. In fact, girls wear such a cape in order to emphasize their oriental origin. Also, among Muslims there is an unspoken rule that a girl without a cape is prone to frivolous behavior. And hijab, in fact, symbolizes female modesty. Therefore, when choosing a bride, a young man, first of all, pays attention to whether the girl he likes is wearing a hijab.

In Egypt, tourists are required to comply with all Muslim prescriptions (for example, wear their clothes and pray). This is not true. For tourists there are all the conditions to which they are accustomed in their country. But, generally accepted restrictions still have to be observed (for example, you cannot enter churches with bare legs and arms, etc.).

In this country you can buy pyramid fragments. If this were so, then nothing would have remained of the pyramids long ago - everything would have been taken apart piece by piece. Sometimes, allegedly their fragments are sold next to the pyramids, but in reality it is a fake.

If you go to Mount Moses, located in Egypt, and meet the dawn on it, then a person will be forgiven all his sins. In fact, a person is forgiven sins for sincere repentance before God, and not for visiting a holy place.

Egyptian heat is easy to bear. Quite right. This is explained by the fact that there is low air humidity.

You can learn to dive in Egypt. There are all conditions for this: all kinds of aqua centers with professional trainers, a full set of equipment (fins, masks, scuba gear, etc.) and a beautiful underwater world. At the end of the course, a special document is issued - a license, which indicates to what depth you are able to dive.

Coral reef damage can be fined. Everything is correct. And the amount of the penalty depends on how badly the coral is damaged. In addition, corals cannot be exported from the country.

In Egypt, you can buy a scorpion and bring it to your country. If you have a special license in your hands, then you can easily buy this insect and take it to your homeland.

It is not safe to swim in the Nile, as there are crocodiles and hippos. It would be more correct to say that swimming in the Nile is not easy, since the water is quite heavy. And, of course, there is a danger of encountering a crocodile. As for the hippos, there are none.

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