Implantation of gold threads

Implantation of gold threads

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Nowadays, there are many methods to get rid of the first signs of aging: wrinkles, reduced skin elasticity, etc. When the first wrinkles are barely visible, a special lifting cream can help, but this effect is no longer enough to remove deep wrinkles - the intervention of a cosmetic surgeon is required. What to do if masks and creams no longer help, and you don't want to go to the operating table?

In such cases, cosmetologists can recommend alternative methods, in particular, the implantation of gold threads, which help to rejuvenate the skin, give it elasticity, and get rid of wrinkles.

This method of rejuvenation consists in the introduction of thin gold threads (gold fineness - 24 carats) into the skin at the subdermal level, in some cases combined with a polyglycolic thread to increase the strength of the implant.

Gold threads are implanted either in the direction of wrinkles and deep folds and under them, or applied in the form of a mesh to correct more extensive areas with fine wrinkles and other defects. The effect of such an operation lasts from 5 to 10 years.

There are many myths and misconceptions about the implantation of golden threads, as well as about other cosmetic procedures. Let's try to figure out which of them correspond to reality.

This procedure has long been outdated, in the modern world they have abandoned the methods of rejuvenation that were used in the days of the pharaohs. Indeed, during archaeological excavations in the tombs of Egypt, thin gold threads were found in the region of the skull of mummies. But it is not known for certain exactly how these threads were used, scientists have not been able to determine whether they were an ornament or an implant. In European countries (especially in Spain and France) and in the CIS countries, this technique appeared not so long ago - at the end of the last century, and is quite popular.

Having implanted gold threads, I can do without lifting. This is not entirely true. After all, threads can help only at a certain stage - at a time when the wrinkles are not very deep (the optimal age for using this method is 35-40 years). By introducing golden threads, we force the body to grow new connective tissue, more elastic and elastic than the existing one, to activate volumetric blood flow, as a result, the skin looks much better, but with severe sagging and deep wrinkles, this method is ineffective. It should be remembered that the effects of aging are not eliminated by threads, but such a procedure is capable of preventing sagging of the skin and deepening of wrinkles.

For this operation, gold-plated threads are used, not gold threads. Misconception - gold threads, high purity - 999.9, and the percentage of impurities is minimal.

Gold threads can cause allergies. No, because gold is one of the most hypoallergenic metals, it does not cause any chemical reactions in the body, and therefore cannot cause allergies.

Suture implantation surgery is very painful and traumatic. This is a misconception. When implanting gold threads, no incisions are made. Only skin punctures are performed with an atraumatic needle with a special triangular sharpening, which reveals the skin in the form of three petals in the puncture zone. After passing through the needle, the "petals" close, leaving no trace. In addition, the use of anesthesia guarantees a complete absence of pain.

One operation is enough for the effect to last for a lifetime. Yes, the threads will indeed last a lifetime, but one operation is unlikely to be enough. The effect of implantation of gold threads can last from 4-5 to 10 years (depending on age, skin type, body characteristics, etc.), after this time, the procedure must be repeated, laying new threads in other directions. It should be noted that the more threads, the more noticeable the result and the longer the implantation effect lasts.

After the implantation of gold threads, side effects are possible (face asymmetry, metal rejection, severe inflammation). Inflammation can only occur if the operation was performed under non-sterile conditions. The effect of rejection, as is known, can only be on a foreign protein. Since gold is an inorganic material, no antigen-antibody reaction occurs. Facial asymmetry can only occur if the facial nerve is damaged (which is almost impossible to do with a needle used for implantation). Just after the operation, some patients begin to scrutinize their appearance and the natural asymmetry that is present in each of us, they take it for the consequences of implantation. Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant incidents, before the procedure, patients are photographed and fully explain the essence and consequences of implantation.

The threads sometimes show through the skin. This is a misconception. After all, the thickness of the threads is only 0.1 mm. And since they are laid to a depth of about 3 mm between the dermis (the skin itself) and the subcutaneous tissue, where they are enveloped with connective tissue, there can be no question of the transillumination effect.

Gold threads are the best way to get rid of wrinkles. Indeed, the threads introduced along the lines of wrinkles stimulate the production of its own collagen and elastin, making the skin more elastic. But this method is not effective in all cases. For example, in the fight against "crow's feet" it is better to use botox or dysport. To get rid of deep expression wrinkles and folds, use fillers (gels), resurfacing, dermabrasion. Fine wrinkles will help make pilling less noticeable.

The threads are very fragile. Yes, gold is a soft material, and golden threads break along the lines of natural facial expressions. It is this property of theirs that allows facial expressions to remain alive and natural.

After the implantation of gold threads, you will have to observe many prohibitions for a long time, abandon cosmetic procedures, etc. Yes, some restrictions do exist. For example, for two to three months, it is better to refrain from visiting a bath or sauna (until the swelling passes), the beach or solarium (until the bruises come off so as not to provoke the appearance of pigmentation). Daily skin care (creams, masks) must take place, but it is really better to refrain from cosmetic procedures using devices operating on direct currents.

Gold threads can only be implanted into the skin of the face. This is not true. Threads can be used in the décolleté, neck area, to correct the skin of the arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks, etc. But it should be remembered that it will not be possible to remove (or add) the volume of subcutaneous fat or get rid of cellulite with the help of golden threads. Immediately after the implantation, my skin will become elastic and wrinkles will disappear. Only after 2-4 months, the result will be noticeable, and you can fully evaluate it only after six months.

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