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It turned out that traditional medicine cannot always help those in need. The skill of these folk healers is so mysterious that it has overgrown with myths and legends.

Healers only heal locals. Even in Russia there are companies specializing in medical tourism. There are cases when the official medicine refused from patients, having tried all possible means. Then people of their own free will go to unique places where it seems that nature itself affects health. Here, far from civilization, folk methods are also used. The most famous such route is the Philippines, where you can turn to healers for help. Several hundred Russians go there alone a year. What can we say about residents of other countries. Tourists are ready to pay hundreds of dollars for the opportunity to see a miracle or to be cured using unconventional methods.

Official medicine considers healers to be charlatans. Physicians are different. Those who are only interested in reporting see the Filipino craftsmen as competitors and charlatans. But in general, the attitude towards this practice is gradually softening. How can you deny what works? If the doctor is focused primarily on the result, on the patient's recovery, then he himself will recommend turning to alternative practices in hopeless cases. Yes, and take a closer look at non-standard, but working methods will never be superfluous.

The art of a healer can be learned. Teaching this business has little to do with the traditional school. In this case, the emphasis is on the development of those abilities that a person has. You can identify and develop them through meditation, prayer and just training. So it is possible to increase the potential of the healer.

Healers only operate in the Philippines. It is believed that the special energy of the island state determines the prevalence of the technique there. In fact, some healers sometimes go on tour around the world. They themselves say that energy in Russia, in Europe, and in Asia is the same. This allows you to achieve stable results in treatment. Simply because of the temperature difference in cold countries, it takes longer to prepare for the operation.

Healers even treat stage IV cancer. At this stage, the entire body is already saturated with metastases. Meditation and constant prayer are rare, but they can work a real miracle. If a person's energy can change, then diseased cells will begin to recover. Cases of a successful cure were recorded, but no one can give guarantees here.

Healers during the operation eliminate the damaged organ. In fact, organs, tumors or foreign bodies are not removed. Healers, penetrating with their bare hands into the patient's body, removes the cause of the disease - its energetic essence. And the patient does not experience any discomfort or pain. Healers also treat with herbs, massage and reflexology.

All treatment consists of one operation. According to TV reports, it seems to us that all treatment is a short operation with bare hands. But eyewitnesses say that this is only the beginning of the course. The next day, healers can literally bury patients in the ground, reading prayers over them. During this grounding procedure, all the negative energy of a person must go into the soil. And the use of special means is often prescribed.

Healers heal everyone. It is known that these traditional healers refuse to help people with congenital blindness and deafness. Other congenital defects are sometimes successfully corrected. Also, doctors refuse to work with overly skeptical and negative people. After all, their negative energy will not allow them to heal and will interfere with working with other patients.

Healers are not related to each other. This business is usually a family business, casual people do not get into this profession. Healers carefully monitor that there is no information leakage. There are many subtleties here that are best kept secret from prying eyes. Healers are a special caste that operates according to the laws of professional magicians or illusionists.

Healers prohibit filming operations. Often magicians, illusionists or people with unusual abilities forbid filming their actions. Their fears are understandable - with the help of a photo or video, it will be possible to find out the secrets of the profession or reveal a deception. But with healers, the situation is different. Already in the waiting room you can see photos of the doctor with his influential patients. Healers allow photographs of their healing sessions, and sometimes even allow video to be filmed. Sometimes the premises resemble a theater, where the stage is the operating table and there are chairs for the audience. But they are allowed to observe from a certain angle, so as not to see "superfluous". For healers, such shooting is important, because it is a free advertisement that will spread and attract new clients.

Healers really penetrate the human body with their hands. The evidence of this statement is usually blood and some clots removed from the body. They, like foreign objects, are not given to the patients themselves. Healers motivate this by the fact that these parts are cursed, have bad energy and must be quickly destroyed. And this can happen right there, in front of the amazed patient's eyes. There are cases when people analyzed "their" blood, which remained on their clothes after surgery. It turned out that the blood was of a different group than that of the person himself. Skeptics find simple explanations for the art of healers. It is believed that they cooperate with veterinary clinics or surgical departments, purchasing biological material from them in the form of parts of organs and blood. Pieces of viscera are packed in small bags, which are then transferred by the assistant along with the tampons into the hands of the healer. He acts so quickly and dexterously that it is difficult to detect deception even with the help of video. Healers talentedly create the illusion of intracavitary surgery, and the most impressionable person is usually chosen for the role of the experimental person, who, with the help of hypnosis, can be induced.

Healers do not charge money for their work. Do not assume that these people do not earn on their skills, but act unselfishly. Some healers really claim that they are just a tool in the hands of God, and earning from this can deprive them of the gift. Most likely, healers are cunning. They will not take money for the operation, but they will make good money selling healing elixirs, which must be taken for several months without fail. Otherwise, healers do not guarantee the success of the operation. I must say that these substances are far from harmless. They may contain stimulants and painkillers, whose action will be interpreted as the effect of the healer's magic operation. Fees can also be paid to the church community to which the healer belongs.

Healers deal only with healing. Interestingly, these healers usually have a main job that feeds them. Some are mostly bricklayers, others are mechanics or locksmiths. Healing is a kind of hobby.

Healers are charlatans and do not heal at all. It would be a mistake to say that healers are exclusively scammers. A case is described when a patient asked to remove a benign tumor, atheroma. She also had a way out and could be easily squeezed out. The healer brilliantly performed this operation, demonstrating to others that a miracle had happened. And the patient himself was pleased - he did not have to go to the operation. Only such a procedure could be performed by any doctor with appropriate practice. Usually, work with tumors is limited to vigorous pressure.

All actions of healers are safe. In cases where it comes to manipulating the skin and showing clots and blood, there is practically no danger. But some healers in their quest to heal a person overdo it. Some healers energetically work with their hands on tumors, which from this increase even more. There were cases when an active healer even tried to remove the tumor with a scalpel. Needless to say, in conditions of complete unsanitary conditions, bare hands of a doctor and non-sterile instruments, this can result in infection? Those who really expect from healers not a spectacle, but an intracavitary operation, should still think about safety.

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