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Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci (Italian Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci) - was born on April 15, 1452 near Florence in the village of Vinci, during his lifetime he was a famous artist, architect, sculptor, physicist, mathematician, anatomist, you can list for a long time, but one thing can be said for sure , he was the clear ideal of the Italian Renaissance. Da Vinci died on May 2, 1519 at the castle of Clos-Lucay, France, Touraine.

Leonardo da Vinci was an accidental child. Leonardo was an illegitimate child, perhaps he was born out of an outbreak between his twenty-year-old father, Pierre, to his mother, about whom we know little. It is customary for biographers to portray da Vinci's mother as a peasant and call her Katerina. In Vinci, the town in which da Vinci's parents lived, and Leonardo himself was born, it is customary to call her the mistress of the tavern.

Leonardo did not immediately become an artist. Indeed, da Vinci was a multifaceted person, and drawing was far from his first hobby, at first he studied the humanities, later he studied working with plaster, leather and metal, metallurgy and chemistry. And only then he became interested in sculpture, drawing and modeling. It is fair to say that drawing is also not the only industry in which Leonardo has comprehended success.

Leonardo has always been a free artist who does not have his own workshop. Most of the time it was so, but around 1476-1478 Leonardo opened his own workshop. Unfortunately, it is not known how long it existed and where it was, but the fact of its existence is confirmed by the facts obtained during the investigations.

The girl depicted in the painting "Mona Lisa" does not exist. Until recently, the opinions of scientists, art connoisseurs and ordinary people were divided. Some believed that the painting "Mona Lisa" depicted a random girl, some believed that it was Leonardo's love, some and Vovsi did not believe in the existence of this person. But in the archives of Florence, references to this girl have been preserved. Her full name is Lisa Gherardini, she was born in 1479. She lived in Florence and was the wife of a local merchant Francesco.

Leonardo was a great artist from birth. Many people mistakenly believe that da Vinci was able to draw perfectly from birth and as soon as he took a brush in his hands, he got a masterpiece. In fact, Leonardo achieved everything with hard training. Undoubtedly, he had a talent for drawing, but he also devoted a lot of time to his studies, including drawing.

Leonardo da Vinci never loved and was not loved. Leonardo diligently hid his personal life from prying eyes and never put it on display. There is an assumption and a letter written by Leonardo's hand is proof that he had an affair with Cecilia Gallerani. They met at Sofza Castle around 1489. After meeting, he began to paint her portrait and attend her meetings of Milan intellectuals. It is also an interesting fact that instead of the then accepted "you" in relation to even relatives and closest friends, they turned to "you".

Leonardo da Vinci was delusional during the invention of flight aids. For some reason, this erroneous opinion found its audience, but Leonardo took everything into account and correctly calculated, everything except one detail - the motor that would set his vehicle in motion. As for the earlier ideas with wings, it is believed that at that time the successful completion of the experiment was prevented not by Leonardo's mistakes, but by the poor quality of the materials from which the wings were made.

Leonardo was only an artist and inventor. In reality, Leonardo simply became most famous as an artist and inventor. His manuscripts have also reached us, which da Vinci never published, although he wanted to do so. Leonardo also had a deep knowledge of anatomy, which was expressed in his idea of ​​a robot that was drawn anatomically perfectly correct. It is difficult to list a complete list of his achievements, but they are not limited to drawing, invention and anatomy.

Leonardo was sent to study painting after he painted the shield. According to legend, a peasant turned to Father Leonardo with a request to find an artist to paint the shield. Since the peasant left the shield, the elder da Vinci decided to entrust the work to his son. Leonardo decided to portray something fantastic and terrible on the shield, after which he drew the shield against the dragon's shield. Seeing this, his father decided that the boy had talent and sent him to the most famous painter of Tuscany - Andrea del Verrocchio. This is how Leonardo's long journey began. But this is just a legend.

All of Leonardo's notes are lost; in fact, about 7,000 pages have survived to this day. They are all in different collections. There are also sketches among them.

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