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Today society is experiencing a real information revolution. Plus they are completely free, and they look pretty nice.

As a result, it is QR codes that become a companion of the modern round of social development. It's time to debunk the main myths about them.

Only web addresses are encrypted in QR codes. This is usually what happens, the codes contain certain URLs. However, in fact, any text can be encrypted there. This indicates that using QR codes, you can send letters, text messages, geographic coordinates, passwords and even make phone calls.

Nobody scans QR codes. Many people think that such codes were created by some aesthetic marketers who thought about the beauty of the solution, but not about its practicality. In fact, nobody scans this encrypted information. Of course, it will be difficult to find official statistics on this issue. However, some figures are still there. For example, more than 10 thousand people scan QR codes of the State Transport Organization of London every month. Information from the QRpedia resource, placed in the form of codes in museums around the world, is read monthly more than 12 thousand times. These are the most obvious examples of the fact that QR codes are still in demand in modern society.

Over time, visual recognition will make QR codes anachronistic. Of course, it is quite convenient to point a mobile device at a picture and soon get all the information about it. The Internet allows us to expand the boundaries of data. However, this approach still remains quite expensive, and there is no need to talk about practicality. And computers are still confused between the characters "1" (one) and the small letter "l", and there is also a capital letter "I". It's hard for a machine to tell the difference between zero and the letter "O". Therefore, QR codes are still relevant, reliably conveying information.

QR codes are temporary; they are being replaced by NFC technology. Indeed, many believe that NFC can make a real technology in the mobile world. The most ardent fans claim that only a few years are left before it. Only now, most likely, during this time, victory will turn into defeat. The fact is that NFC technology simply has no development paths. Finding a headset suitable for this system today is quite difficult, and its cost will be high. But QR codes are understandable for every smart phone, and their creation is not difficult.

QR codes are easy to mess up. You may remember that even after numerous small scratches, our CD-disks continue to work and give data. The fact is that they use special error protection, which allows them to resist minor damage. A similar approach is used in QR codes. Even if 30% of the image is damaged, information from the image will still be read.

QR codes are all boring and look the same. In fact, when creating them, you can combine some colors and even embed your own logos inside. The main thing to remember is not to touch the three main corner squares. Who said that the code should be executed in the form of a classic square? This could be, for example, a snowflake.

QR codes can be expanded as desired. But this just cannot be done, so it is better not to experiment in this regard. Perhaps there are scanners that can read information in an inverted QR code, but most programs simply do not understand what is the matter.

To read the QR code, you need an Internet connection, via mobile communication or Wi-Fi. Such a connection is really required if you need to follow the link. But for its recognition it is not needed. Today, almost every scanner can save a detected link, which can be followed later, if you have access to the Network.

QR codes are easy to use. If this tool is used wisely, then it really seems simple. However, the technology is still quite new, so not all specialists have mastered it. So it turns out that QR codes on billboards are located too high, you simply do not have time to scan them on autobahns. There are codes that lead to non-mobile sites or codes hidden behind other objects. So you need to be responsible when working with this tool.

Generating QR codes is hard. In fact, there are many tools out there to create such code. There are PC software, online tools and QR code generating tools for the most popular mobile platforms. So, having decided to create your own QR code, it won't take much time to find the necessary and convenient tool.

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